Did you know? The Buddhist New Year, depending on the division of Buddhism, is celebrated by many Buddhists for three days after the first full moon in April. Full moon evenings are energetic peaks, therefore, they are the perfect time to perform rituals by focusing our energy on whatever we would like to cleanse or adopt in our lives. In order to move forward & enter a state of inner peace, it is vital that we accept that our past is behind us,

& our future is ahead.All we really have is the moment that is present with us now. 

We cannot feel fully satisfied in the present while we are submerged in, & trying to adjust or manipulate, either the past or future.

This noted full moon is a powerful time to release & unburden ourselves from any pain or suffering. We can view it as a shedding of skin as we are reborn into this Buddhist New Year. We can change our perception at any moment, however, a full moon ritual affirms our inner transformation & significantly marks the moment of our dedication to a life of balance, peace, & harmony.

Pink Full Moon Ritual
(i) Salt water is a cleansing agent, so follow the Buddhist New Year tradition of immersing yourself in an Epsom salt bath with burning candles placed around you. 

(ii) Following your bath on the Full Moon, if it is possible, find a comfortable place outdoors to sit beneath the moon, preferably by water.

(iii) All you need is a bowl of water, a floating candle, &, if possible, some rose petals or rose essential oil, as April’s full moons are known as “Pink Full Moons,” & the color pink is associated with healing vibrations. Fill the bowl with water, if possible from the ocean or lake, otherwise water with pink Himalayan salt or natural sea salt is a suitable option.
(iv) Place the bowl on the ground in front of you & light the floating candle in the bowl. Then drop in the rose oil, or pink petal leaves.
If you have pink crystals, these can also be placed in the water to enhance the effects of the ritual.
(v) Write on a piece of paper anything you wish to release. It can be a word, a sentence, or entire paragraph full of detail—whatever feels necessary to purge at the time.
(vi) Read out loud what has been written & then immerse the piece of paper in the water so that the painful energy radiating from the memories can be cleansed & transformed. The flame from the floating candle is a purifier & will neutralize any negativity emanating from the note & will also symbolize your firm intention to let go of any pain attached to it.
(vii) Burning sage at the end of this ritual will assist with cleansing any negative energy lingering & will charge the atmosphere with a positive vibration.
(viii) You can then ground & center yourself by drinking a glass of water with a few sprinkles of pink Himalayan salt in it; remain aware that you are safely supported by the earth below you

=>As Buddhists celebrate their New Year for three days, this ritual can be repeated if it feels necessary to do so for the three days following the full moon.

The April Pink Full Moon – The Buddhist New Year

A Ritual for letting go of pain and suffering 

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