4 Hour VIP Day: Setting Boundaries (See Below)

& DIY Guided Meditation Program

Upcoming Program - 
90 Day Group Coaching!​

I'm looking for women who are wanting to transform and transition into a life of joy, abundance and love - who are no longer willing to suffer but are willing to step into a new world of possibility for themselves, a life that’s bigger and better.  When you know you’re ready to move forward but you don’t know how or are afraid to take action; this is your first step!

Have You:

*been curious about Meditation but didn’t know how to start?
*felt like you couldn’t quiet your mind enough to Meditate?

*felt you didn't have the time to Meditate?

~ Then this is the program for you ~

Profit from these awesome take aways:                                      Your 12 week journey to a personalized Meditation practice includes:
►The what, why, where, when and how for your meditation journey                                                                                                                     *The book - Meditation: Short & Simple
►Inspiration and motivation to move you forward                                                                                                                *The book - Meditation: Short & Simple Companion Journal 

►Setting your meditation practice up powerfully                                                                                     *13 Guided Meditation Recordings to be emailed once a week for 12 weeks                                                                                                                                                   



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An amazing time  of Transition is guaranteed to all who come with an open mind!

90 days to Owning Your Power
Stepping Powerfully Into YOUR Life



Experience the POWER of Group Coaching

in which you will:
>Identifying your true self & purpose (your burning desire – your BIG Why)
>Step by step plan of action

>Accelerate your results to (finally!) get where you want to be
>Learn how to shift immediately to your power and possibility
>Tools to aid & support you to stay motivated & empowered all the time

This 90 Day Group Coaching includes these amazing features:

*2 coaching calls per month (6 total calls) 50-60 minutes each
*Practice assignments to sustain and propel your process
*Accountability to assist you with your process and growth
*Establishing and creating a Support System and Partnership


*Recorded calls

​*2 laser coaching calls per person (10Min)

Call or email for more information and to receive a complimentary Discovery Session to see if this group coaching is right for you.

There are ONLY 5 spots for this program. 

+1.505.410.3241  •  Get Directions

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DIY Guided Meditation:

12 Weeks to a Personalized Meditation Practice

Setting Boundaries VIP Group Half Day

Staying in alignment with your true self!

Saturday, June 23, 2018 10am-2pm

Do You:  √ find it hard to say “No”
√ lack confidence in saying what you want?
√ find it hard to relinquish control?
√ feel you have a problem showing up authentically?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and feel this program is exactly what you've been looking for; then you will want to contact me immediately to register for this Exclusive Group.

I am only accepting 8 registrants!!!

Benefit from these valuable take aways:
>Identify where you hide out
(ie compulsive eating/shopping/drinking, shrink from confrontation, etc.)

>Discover the underlying sabotages keeping you from setting boundaries & sticking to them
>Learn how to shift immediately to your power and possibility, breaking through to a new mindset
>Gain tools, resources and skills to set boundaries and follow through

This VIP Group Half Day includes but is not limited to:
Saturday 10:00am-2:00
Nutritious healthy snacks and beverages
Interactive and tantalizing discussions 
Inspirational displays plus engaging handouts (provided)
Walk away with a Next Step Action Plan that is crafted & tailored just for you by you. 


1 hour telephone conference call follow up



VIP Half Day:                $397.00/single             $594.00/couple

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