​​Yoga and meditation when practiced together strengthen the mind body connection, improving overall fitness and well-being. Many styles of yoga combine meditation with the physical routines, which use controlled breathing throughout the yoga poses. You can meditate without practicing yoga by simply relaxing, clearing your mind and concentrating on controlled breathing. Both yoga and meditation, when used consistently, have proven health benefits.

Stress Management
Regular yoga and meditation practice help to reduce stress responses in your body. Reducing the inflammatory response to stressors on your body will help reduce your chance of
stress-related conditions such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease as well ashelp reduce anxiety, panic disorders and agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder.
Increased Flexibility
Yoga poses focus on stretching and lengthening the muscles. Increased flexibility will help you with daily movements such lifting and bending, while improving sports performance.
Emotional Boost
Both yoga and meditation improve mental focus and provide a general feeling of well-being. Many yoga disciplines are based around an upbeat theme.
Better Diet
Studies suggest that practicing yoga improves fitness and body awareness, leading to better eating habits. This in turn leads to increased self-esteem and the desire to take care of your body.

Practicing meditation and/or yoga is a behavior modification technique that can help you improve your overall fitness. Adding yoga or meditation to your life will improve the quality and possibly the quantity of your life. Improved health means you can participate in more physical activities and just feel better in the things you do daily.

If you are curious as to how Yoga and Meditation can benefit you, schedule a private 75 minute session to discover your own benefits. 

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Yoga is a practice that combines stretching, controlled breathing, and relaxation. Yoga helps reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve heart function, and calm body, mind, and spirit.

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Yoga is one of the only approaches to health that assists in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being. Available to any level of experience, we combine ancient tradition with Meditation. If you come, breathe, and try your best, you’ll notice immediate benefits.

Yoga is for everyone. There are a  variety of  levels and styles. Don't know what you like? Schedule a private session to see if Yoga is for you.