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If you’re struggling with no free time, overwhelm due to too many tasks, feeling trapped or boxed in, exhaustion.... 

and you want more energy, time and to feel more alive and productive....

then you will want this quick, easy, free video -
 5 Minutes De-Stress Break: 3 Easy Steps to Relax, Release & Refresh

To get this free video, simply click here to join:
Thriving Female Entrepreneurs
(a private Facebook group for Overworked, Stressed out, Workaholic Women Entrepreneurs
who are struggling with managing their lives, have lost their identity in the process,
& yearn to learn how to create fun, fulfillment, joy, peace, calm & life balance.)
Once there, press the join button then answer 3 brief & basic questions.

We will immediately send you the link to the video plus printable instructions so you can do this as often you need.
There are no obligations or expectations once joined & you can unfollow the group at any time. 

Suite-Success presents our 12 Month Program ​​

 ~Mastering Personal Empowerment ~

for Female Entrepreneurs
A 12 Month mentorship program for overworked, stressed out Women Entrepreneurs who are consumed with work and struggle with a work/life balance & are now ready to transition to a flourishing life & career that excites & inspires them

so that they can Thrive

Beginning Tuesday, August 3rd​​​​

  REMEMBER your greatness, your possibility & your amazing dreams & desires. Don’t let these crazy times hold you back, define you &/or derail you.

Life is happening "for" you, not "to" you.

Go to the link below to
sign up a time for a 1:1 Complimentary Discovery Conversation. This conversation will be 30-45 minutes.

Please put our Discovery Conversation time in your calendar and give me a call at 505-410-3241 at your scheduled time to begin. If you prefer to have a Zoom call let me know by email (centernow@yahoo.com) so I can create a Zoom link to send you. I have carved out that specific time just for you, please be on time.

I’m looking forward to our time together.

Calendar to schedule a Complimentary Discovery Session

You can always call, text, or email me if you have any questions.
Here’s to your journey. Let’s discover it together. How exciting!!!!!
Be the Light,
Jeaninne Grayson

​​I'm looking for women who are wanting to transform and transition into a life of joy, abundance and love - who are no longer willing to suffer but are willing to step into a new world of possibility for themselves, a life that’s bigger and better.  When you know you’re ready to move forward but you don’t know how or are afraid to take action; this is your first step!

90 Day Group Mentorship Program

Surviving to Thriving Level 1

Thursday, Date TBD and going for 90 Days

An amazing time  of Transition is guaranteed to all who come with an open mind!

DIY Guided Meditation:

A 12 Week Practice to help end stress and increase energy

2nd Saturday Surviving to Thriving: Module 2   

Free Zoom Webinar

Are you tired of having more going out than coming in, living paycheck to paycheck, not enough money for your month..... and you want to work less and earn more plus have more free time to do the things you love - worry & guilt free where there is plenty of money to take a much needed luxurious vacation.

Join us Saturday, 8/8/21 11-12 MST

to get answers and begin a new money journey. 

Have You:

*been feeling stressed out, going in all directions?
*felt like you couldn’t quiet your mind enough to Meditate?

*felt you didn't have the time to Meditate?

~ Then this is the program for you ~

Profit from these awesome take aways:                                      Your 12 week journey to a personalized Meditation practice includes:
►The what, why, where, when and how for your meditation journey                                                                                                                     *The book - Meditation: Short & Simple
►Inspiration and motivation to move you forward                                                                                                                *The book - Meditation: Short & Simple Companion Journal 

►Alleviate stress and increase energy                                                                                                         *13 Guided Meditation Recordings to be emailed once a week for 12 weeks                                                                                                                                                   



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