Suite-Success presents our 4 Month Group/Private Program ​​

 ~Surviving to Thriving Senior Adults ~

Secrets to Aging with Grace & Confidence
A 4-Month Group/Private Mentorship Program for 55 & older Adults who are frustrated with the aging process, struggling with motivation, afraid of not being valued, & yearn for clarity of direction, sense of purpose, as well as to be heard/acknowledged so they can feel confident & secure while living a healthy, balanced, & abundant life.​​

Welcome to Surviving to Thriving Senior Adults - Secrets to Aging with Grace & Confidence
This isn't your run of the mill self-help program. This is a life altering experience. I am so excited to offer this program to you.

I will take you on the same journey that has brought me to the next epic chapter of my life: from a schoolteacher who struggled with stress,

overwhelm, finances, and traded time for money to a semi-retired senior adult, living the best most fulfilled years of her life.
This program is for you if you:
*want to learn how to embrace possibility, adventure, fun, grace, and flourish in life.
*are frustrated with the aging process & yearn for sense of purpose, clarity, & a healthy lifestyle.
*​want to uncover your magnificence & leap into living your Epic Next Chapter with excitement & joy.
*are struggling with boredom, lack of energy, and feeling as though something is missing. 
*want to discover how to create a life that excites & inspires you so that you love all areas of your life & experience lasting joy & satisfaction.
Some of the amazing takeaways are: 
> Thrive in your Next Chapter, relationships, health & life, to feel complete & fulfilled.
> Manage your time, so you can have & enjoy it all while taking exquisite care of you.
> Discover what lights you up & excites you, so you embrace & love all areas of your life.
> Awareness & the importance of self-care so you are taking better care of your overall health to feel vibrant with more energy.
> Feel more empowered to pursue your dreams.

> Identify goals, priorities & purpose to live a more empowered & inspired life..
> Belief in yourself with a higher understanding of what motivates you, so you can move through life powerfully.
> Uncover your importance & value so you can feel confident.  

These are only a few of the benefits. There are so much more.
This 4-month program, also, has many incredible features and bonuses that come with this program -
we can certainly discuss them if this sounds like a program that you want to hear more about.

You will have full access to all the videos & recordings, the bi-monthly group coaching sessions,

the live/recorded 8 Module Trainings, plus all the bonuses and so much more.

If this has peaked your interest, we can schedule a time to chat.
Click hereto schedule a 1:1 Discovery Conversation to learn if this program is a right fit for you. 

An amazing time  of Transition is guaranteed to all who come with an open mind!

A DIY 90 Day Program* for

Mastering Personal Empowerment

(*Anyone can join at any time!!!)
👉Are you stuck and struggling, repeating the same things over and over again, wishing for different results so you can rise up to the next level having work/life balance, but feel lost?
👉Are you wishing you could have a fresh way of looking at life so you can get past the drama and lighten your mental load so there is fun, freedom, and tranquility?
👉Are you thinking you could use some training that not only addresses your challenges & sabotages but, also, provides structures, tools, and strategies so you can turn things around; moving your career and personal life forward powerfully?  
Keep reading If this sounds like something you would like to learn more about on how to addresses this very thing. 

​​Click Here to Schedule a 1:1 discovery conversation with me to see if this program is right for you. 
Good news: A wonderful offer just for you.
I have created a one-of-a-kind DIY course, ‘Mastering Personal Empowerment’. Each DIY 90 Day course (there are 4 - DIY 90 Day courses) has 12: 20-30 minute trainings. These trainings and done-for-you handouts cover a multitude of topics which will address sabotages & challenges you are facing as well as offer you strategies, structures and tools to keep you on track toward success & fulfillment.
More Good News: Register before June 1

During the very beginning of this program, the trainings will be recorded from a once a week live Zoom call. Those on these once a week Live training calls & staying to the end of the training call will have the opportunity to be on a Q&A with me for 20-25 minutes. (Once all the trainings have been recorded, the Q&A portion will end. You will have access to all the recordings 24/7 for 90 Days through a private platform.)  

Click Here to Schedule a 1:1 discovery conversation with me to see if this program is right for you. 

​​I'm looking for Female Entrepreneurs who are wanting to transform and transition into a life of joy, abundance and love - who are no longer willing to suffer but are willing to step into a new world of possibility for themselves, a life that’s bigger and better.  When you know you’re ready to move forward but you don’t know how or are afraid to take action; this is your first step!

If you’re consumed with work, struggling with overwhelm due to too many tasks, feeling trapped or boxed in,

exhaustion.... and you want more energy, time and to feel more alive and productive....

then you will want this quick, easy, free video -
 5 Minutes De-Stress Break: 3 Easy Steps to Relax, Release & Refresh

To get this free video, simply click here to join:
Surviving to Thriving Female Entrepreneurs
(This group is for female entrepreneurs who are committed to transitioning and up-leveling from stress, overwhelm, distraction, and consumed with work to their

highest and greatest dreams and desires with grace & ease so they can live their most fulfilled, authentic and balanced life. We are here to form a community of female entrepreneurs –

and blossoming entrepreneurs – who love the idea of bringing higher consciousness to their transition. Big dreams and vision are welcome!)
Once there, press the join button then answer 3 brief & basic questions.

We will immediately send you the link to the video plus printable instructions so you can do this as often you need.
There are no obligations or expectations once joined & you can unfollow the group at any time. 

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DIY Guided Meditation:

A 12 Week Practice to help end stress and increase energy

Have You:

*been feeling stressed out, going in all directions?
*felt like you couldn’t quiet your mind enough to Meditate?

*felt you didn't have the time to Meditate?

~ Then this is the program for you ~

Profit from these awesome take aways:                                      Your 12 week journey to a personalized Meditation practice includes:
►The what, why, where, when and how for your meditation journey                                                                                                                     *The book - Meditation: Short & Simple
►Inspiration and motivation to move you forward                                                                                                                *The book - Meditation: Short & Simple Companion Journal 

►Alleviate stress and increase energy                                                                                                         *13 Guided Meditation Recordings to be emailed once a week for 12 weeks                                                                                                                                                   



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